22 Sep 2010, 6:16am
Reloading Ammunition

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Knowledge Of How To Reload Ammo Can Help You Avoid Shortage

If you’ve been buying your ammos for the past year, you probably noticed that there seems to be a shortage on ammos. Well, you’re correct.

Ammo hard to find as gun owners stock up

Guns shops all over the US are reporting lack of stocks as gun owners decided to hoard ammos for fear of the new administration imposing new taxes and restrictions. This led to low supplies and some gun shops were even forced to limit purchases to a few boxes per purchase. That’s previously unheard of.

Some gun owners were also complaining that they can’t seem to find a supply for their favorite ammos. One gun owner, Karl Roos, even complained that he didn’t see a single bullet of .38 special or .357 Magnum for months.

As you can probably see, ammo supply can easily be dictated. A rumor can easily lead to gun owners hoarding ammos and you’ll be lucky to buy a couple of boxes. This is why as a gun owner; you should know how to reload ammo so that you won’t be affected by shortages. While there are signs that the shortage will soon be over, what are you going to do if this happens again in the future?

This shortage also drove prices up. This affected a lot of gun owners especially those who shoot a lot. It’s hard to enjoy firing if all you can think of is the amount of money you paid for each bullet. With the future of the industry still uncertain, it would be in your best interest to know how to reload your own ammo.