15 Jun 2008, 1:00pm
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How To Make A BIC Flamethrower!


I’m sure all of you are familiar with the Bic lighter, and I’m also sure you’ve tried to make the Bic Flamethrower at one time or another. Well… here’s 2 more things you can do, First off is the Bic Rocket, and then the Bic Sparkler. Both work almost every time! Time to learn some Bic Balistics…Enjoy…

Materials Needed:

  • 2 or more Bic lighters (the big kind)
  • 1 large open parkinglot with noncombustible material surrounding it


Bic Balistics


First, hit the back side of the flame blocker against something and break it off. Take off the striker and get the spring and flint. Set them aside somewhere safe for later use. Next pull off the Fuel Valve, and put your fingure over the hole where the fuel comes out and shake it up. Leave your fingure on the hole.


Find someplace where you can lay the lighter so the bottom faces up. Set it there, take the other lighter and light the rocket. It should burn just like it normally does, except the flame should be melting the plastic. It melts down to the fuel and… one of three things happens: It flies up into the air and explodes (usually about 10-20 feet up), Skips along the ground, or just explodes. It usually takes about 2 minutes for it to burn through the plastic. What every you do, don’t go back to the lighter after it’s been burning for more than 1 minute. And only go back if the flame went out!


This isn’t really a sparkler, but it sure is fun. Take the flint and the spring you set aside from the rocket and wrap the flint in the spring, like this, you pull the sprint, put the flint in the middle, like a plus sign, and then twist the spring once so it looks like this:


Then hold it over the flame of the one lighter you have left until it starts to wrinkle up or get red. Then throw it against a wall and whoosh, sparks fly everywhere and there’s a little char mark left on the wall.


Enjoy these gadgets made by use of Bic Balistics, they’re lots of fun at parties when everyones drunk, the sparkler is really trippy then. They are both best at night, but good during the day as well.